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Poster: LAJ Date: Mar 5, 2006 12:35pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: Something Beautiful: Harmonious Music at the Edge of Chaos

In an article entitled The Rhythm of Life Tosiya Nagai* stated that “The science of complexity locates life at the edge of chaos. Life is neither dead disorder nor dead order, but a critical point of phase-transition from chaos to order . . . the life principle is neither white noise nor monotone.” Much of what we find beautiful, satisfying, and harmonious in music (and in life in general) falls between the turmoil of extreme disorder and the monotony of too much order.

*[Nagai, T. - (2000)]

Beginning with a wonderfully flowing mp3 from Claudia Bonarelli that seemed to appear out of nowhere, here’s a selection of sounds that fall between the boundaries of low and high entropy. I personally find the extremes of electronic music appealing, but not in the same way that I appreciate this gentler collection of beautiful electronic music.

PLAYLIST [M3U attachment follows]:

1. Claudia Bonarelli - The Evergreen Tree

2. Shrine - Harmony, Bliss, Rust [Mirakelmusik] || Harmony

3. Lomov - Trident [COD] || Nipton

4. 6 that coin flying in the air - 20 degrees water

5. V/A - Liquid Times [Real Audio] || Punkteins - Gartenteich

6. Daniel Maze - Treehugger [12 Rec.] || Playground Miniaturette

7. Opn - Echoes of a Distant Present [Robotopera] || A Cold Day

8. Monohm - Rasbora EP [Monohm] || Minnow

9. Lomov - Vorstadt [Miasmah] || Ausfallstrasse

10. Soutien Gorge - Revoir [COD] || Hazafele

11. Motionfield - Music for Pictures [Autoplate] || Falling in Stillness

12. Alexander Vatagin - Valeot [Mirakelmusik] || Wire

13. Receptor - Viaje [Realaudio] || Seista Parte 2

14. Loscil (Scott Morgan)- Stases [One] || Biced

15. Federico Monti - Brujula [Conv] || 3_36_830

16. Motionfield - Northern Lights [Test Rube] || Turning the Plate

17. Brian Lavelle - M.V. (Towers Conning) [Alg-a] || A Porta Inferi

18. Igor Vlasov - Am Nachsten Morgen [Site Records] || Botschaft

19. Emanuele Errante - Absolute EP [Maetrix Solution] || Lost

20. Varios Artistas - Musica Inalterable [Audio808] || Ditch - Clear Making

21. Delta Curve - Lux [Monohm] || Glimmer

22. V/A - OAB - Mittwinterkollektion1 [Broque] || Maxx Cavalerra - Song To Remember

23. Rivel - Sum [One] || Sum

24. Shrine - Harmony, Bliss, Rust [Mirakelmusik] || The Droning Bliss

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Poster: Sven Swift Date: Mar 5, 2006 5:36pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: Fulfill Your Part In The Fight Against Entropy

indeed, we're all warriors in the fight against entropy. funny thing you're using the same awry metaphors than we do- you probably read the description for our daniel maze-release, maybe like to check our 'about'-text at good thing to know there are people that keep in mind that music's not only about sound!

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Poster: LAJ Date: Mar 5, 2006 7:43pm
Forum: netlabels Subject: Re: Fulfill Your Part In The Fight Against Entropy

Interesting reading about the role of entropy in music (and in the lives of complex systems). Thanks for the comments and links. LJ